SaraBay Kennels Policies

Dog Evaluation Policy

Please call to have your dog evaluated over the phone if necessary a meet & greet will be arranged. 


Vaccine Policy

Please specify to the vet (or you can send) that we need the vaccine records sent to  If we do not receive this you will not be boarded.  




Flu Vaccines are required & MUST be given before boarding, we will accept your dog if you at least have the 1st shot.  If you do not have both initial shots we will have you sign a waiver.

  • Rabies- according to your vet’s recommendation (yearly or every 3 years depending on age and circumstances of your dog).  We will accept an elderly dog exemption with a veterinary titer.

  •  Distemper/parvo – yearly, or every 3 years if that is what your vet recommends. We will accept an elderly dog exemption with a veterinary recommendation or titer.

  •  Bordetella (Canine Cough) – must be given prior to boarding.

  •  Please let us know if your dog is NOT on HEARTWORM preventative and/or flea protection.

  • If the above vaccines are not current we will not board your dog


 No females in season will be taken.



Tours are given M-Th by appt only. We do not give tours around the holidays, due to the high number of dogs boarding during that time.


What to Bring


All of our overnight guests should bring their own food only enough for the stay measured out & in a large ziplock & any medication needed (see Medication Protocol) . We feed 2 times a day. Please label your dog food bags.  Do not not feed peanut butter in the kennel due to allergies.  We highly recommend feeding your dog before they arrive in am or pm as most dogs do not eat their first day of arrival. If your dog runs out of food we will notify you & we will provide Victor Premium All Life Stages food at $5 a day extra per dog. 


We provide kurana beds & food bowls at no charge. We will not use any beds or blankets that have “stuffing” as this is a choking hazard. We will take a small fleece blanket (no bigger than 2 feet by 4 feet. Only a few hard toys & remember to write your last name on all toys with a sharpie.


Medication Protocol

All medication provided for your dog MUST be in it’s original container/bottle and will ONLY be given as directed on the bottle. If directions have been altered, a letter from your veterinarian must accompany the medication. Shots can be given at $5 and a waiver must be signed. If you have more than 2 pills per feeding we recommend you pre-package your food with the pills by am & pm in individual baggies or in pill containers.